Handcrafted branding, advertising and fashion from New York to Zurich // Handgefertigte Branding, Werbung und Mode von New York bis Zürich

KasparDesign is a creative team composed of graphic designer Georges Kaspar and fashion designer Marija Kaspar. While we have developed projects for a large and diverse array of industries from New York to Zurich, our corporate design is primarily dedicated to the luxury industry and the real estate and tourist resort market. Our fashion design is focused on lingerie, nightwear, loungewear design and ready-to-wear.

We offer fully-integrated services that include brand development, copy writing and web design and programing with associated partners. Our clients include real estate developers, international fashion houses, as well as several design agencies. It is through a hands-on approach that we develop and execute a unique voice for your product's identity. The creative team of Kaspar Design will deliver custom-made solutions driven by good taste, a definitive sense of style and smart concepts to make your product stand the test of time on the market and make sure you make the most of your brand.

Über Kaspar Design

Sie entwickelte bereits eine grosse Anzahl von Projekten und Kampagnen für verschiedene Firmen aus ganz unterschiedlichen Branchen. Im Bereich Corporate Design war „Kaspar Design“ bis anhin primär für die Luxus-Industrie und die Immobilien- und Tourismusbranche tätig. Im Bereich Mode-Design fokusierte sich „Kaspar Design“ vornehmlich auf Dessous, Nachtkleidung, Loungewear-Design und Ready-to-wear.

Wir bieten vollintegrierte Dienstleistungen, wie die Entwicklung von Marken, das Schreiben von Texten, Web-Design und Programmierungen. Zu unseren Klienten gehören Bauträger, internationale Modehäuser als auch einige Design-Agenturen. Die Stimme der Identität ihres Produktes entwickeln wir mit Ihnen zusammen. Durch diese interaktive und zupackende Herangehensweise werden Ihre Ideen und Vorstellungen von Anfang an miteinbezogen und berücksichtigt. Das Kreativteam von "Kaspar Design" wird Ihnen massgeschneiderte Lösungen und smarte Konzepte liefern, die durch guten Geschmack und einen geschulten Sinn für Stil angetrieben und gesteuert werden. Dadurch garantieren wir, dass wir das Beste aus Ihrer Marke herausholen und Ihr Produkt sich zu allen Zeiten bewähren wird.

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  • The brand identity is extensive and covers numerous potential uses across multiple media.

    These include but are not limited to:
    Print uses such as flyers, product brochures, packaging, stationary etc.

    Digital advertising such as display banners, static banners and animated banners. Upcoming email newsletter and dedicated website.

    Films are also scheduled to advertise the brand's USP.

  • A Distrelec Group AG project within the TECO corporation, RND is a new brand of technical components for the Electronic design engineers and MRO industries. I was assigned this project in my capacity as Creative Director of Distrelec Group and member of the Marcom team. It was a great opportunity to develop a new corporate identity and while it was challenging to bring satisfaction to a large group of stakeholders, some of whom with considerable corporate identity experience, we were successful in covering all aspect of corporate brand uses in print, digital and video media.

    About the brand:

    The brand name is the acronym of Reichelt, Nedis, Distrelec, three companies distributing electronic parts and components. In addition, this letter combination was chosen to offers a technical connotation to “research & development”. In addition to the brands logo and name, suffixes are used. They allow us to differentiate based on the product family. The differentiation in the logo is underlined with a unique colour code.

    Flat ribbon cables are an ubiquitous element of electronic engineering and the RND mark takes its inspiration from them. Their characteristic volute and connecting wires are the core elements of the mark. In addition, the ribbon is deployed into an infinite loop that suggests velocity, movement and dimention.

    Check out my next post with more details on the content of the CICD.

  • Jaguar Pace Campaign Jaguar Fragrance We are proud to have just completed another assignment from Art & Fragrance. This time, we were commissioned to devise the campaign for their new Jaguar Fragrance “PACE”. This new fragrance was created to partly reflect the striking looks of the new Jaguar F-Pace family sports car. The most conspicuous element is obviously the blue hues that dominate both the car and the fragrance bottle.

    The Jaguar brand epitomizes style, worldly elegance and a savant combination of classic looks and ultra modern, progressive design. The challenge was to create a campaign that would combine all of the above and also work hand in hand with the campaign of the F-Pace sport car.

    We chose the backdrop of a bridge with industrial steel beams that suited the masculine fragrance, and also referred fittingly to the criss-crossing pattern of the grille at the front of the car. That pattern is also prominently featured on the bottle and the packaging. After an extensive casting, we were delighted to have on board model Isha Blaaker from Max Models. His distinctive feline looks made him singularly suited to be the face of Jaguar Pace.

    The campaign includes single and double page advertising, billboard and a movie. Check out our next post to view the video.

    If you are a fan of Jaguar Automobiles, have a look at the rewly released F-Pace features.

    Photography: Bon Wong
    Copywriting: Adam Matricardi
    Model: Isha Blaaker
    Project management: Marija Kaspar
    Special thanks for styling resources to: LOOQ boutique in Zurich

    Do you have comments or questions about this project? gkaspar@kaspardesign.com